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I help you realize that: Self-Awareness + Action = Change (SA + A = C)


Believe in yourself

Take Action

Take Action towards realizing your Dreams

Be Determined

Be Determined; Don't let anyone or anything stop you

Have Faith

Have Faith

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I am devoted to guiding you towards your destiny. My innovative work focuses on "Change in Action" I believe that taking action is the first step in you changing your life.

You Are Unique

You are a unique individual and as such you deserve an exclusive Life Coaching program to foster your growth and guide you to your destiny.

My Services

 • Activity Appointments • Dinner Appointments • Superstar Packages • Writers' Workshops • Artists' Garret • Musicians' Corner • Film Makers' Forum • Actors' Lab • Athletes' Ambitions 

La-Verne Parris Activity Appointments
Activity Appointments

Activity Appointments that inspire you

La-Verne Parris Dinner Appointments
Dinner Appointments

Let's discuss your future over dinner

La-Verne Parris Superstar Packages
Superstar packages

Reaching for the stars? Then this is for you

La-Verne Parris Writers' Workshops
Writers' Workshops

Get going with inspiration for your book or project

La-Verne Parris Artists' Garret
Artists' Garret

Artists need Inspiration and Motivation

La-Verne Parris Musicians' Corner
Musicians' Corner

Musicians also need help and motivation

La-Verne Parris The Wellness Code

The Wellness Code

Your Ultimate Guide to Health,  Fitness and Nutrition

I co-authored this best-selling book with several celebrity experts.
My chapter in this book is called "Dandelion Dreams."

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